Tuesday, December 2, 2014

14 Week Pregnancy Update

After writing my last (and first) pregnancy update, I've decided to re-write the questionnaire to fit my personality a bit more, and to add some things that I would like to remember. But please, if you haven't already read my posts with a sarcastic tone, start now. Otherwise you will be thinking. "Bitch is arrogant as hell!"

Attempting pictures with my face until the double-chin becomes too much to handle!

How Far Along: 14 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: Hovering around 2 pounds total still
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of lemon - This is CRAZY to me! It feels like just yesterday it was the size of a sesame seed!
Maternity "Fashion" Fav: How people have ever lived without full panel maternity leggings in the past I will never know. They are SO comfy! I only have 2 pair right now, but I'm going to be investing in some more to get me through the winter! I will say, my husband isn't as much of a fan. High school girls should wear these to help prevent teen pregnancy.....a bit harder to get into them!
Baby Buys: I broke down and bought some super cute little girl hats! I think it was on a day when my boys were destroying everything and I was desperate for some estrogen. We also started stocking up on diapers on Black Friday.
Sleep: We are buying a new mattress this weekend, because my sleep SUCKS! Tossing, turning, peeing, tossing and then some more turning! Considering we have never bought a new mattress, I would say it's due!
Movement: Nothing yet......or so I can confirm. I thought felt some flutters. but shit. it was probably gas.
Hair: I know, I know, you are probably looking at my new bump picture and thinking, "Damn, she's fine!" followed by, "Scrunched hair? There isn't any humidity to fight!" Nope there isn't, but there sure is some gray hair to fight! I had some before (ok, a shit ton) before becoming pregnant, but I could go a bit between colors. Add in hormones and pre-natals, I get colored and have gray popping through the next week!
Cravings: Still Chinese, and hot chocolate (not together) but I'm also in this yogurt and granola kick
Shit that Sucks: I feel like I'm competing with my husband in who can grow the most facial hair.....nasty, right!? Thank god I can wax my own face, but I should take out stock in it for as much as I have to use.
Sausage Fingers: They aren't swollen yet, so the rings are still on!
Struggles: I was a caffeine junkie with Layne, which the "what if" side of me contributes to him not being a fat baby. So I'm limiting myself to 1, 8 oz coffee or tea a day. IT'S FUCKING TERRIBLE.....especially on days like today where I try to be an all-star wife and get up early (5 am) to make my husband a hot breakfast for his birthday before he has to leave for work.
Successes: Shaved my legs today! Anyone who has been pregnant understands how this becomes more and more difficult as the weeks pass.
Mood Swings: Oh hell yes! From crying to screaming.......USUALLY always an overreaction!
Milestones: HELLO 2nd TRIMESTER!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: I'm SO happy to be getting some more energy back so that I can actually clean my house and be productive! At the same time though, part of me wishes that I was still exhausted all the time.......an excuse to be lazy is always nice! Also, I feel like I need to wear a shirt that says, "It's not Busch Light, it's a baby!" That way people can stop staring at my doughnut stomach. Oh you don't know what a doughnut stomach is. Its the fact that my belly button will never turn out (at least it didn't with Layne), so my stomach consistently looks like a giant doughnut in anything that isn't my husband's t-shirt.

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