Friday, November 14, 2014

Teachers Are The Worst Parents EVER

Now before all of my teacher friends come light my house on fire for saying they are bad parents, let me tell you that I say this from an honest part in my heart. My dear teacher friends, you know this is true, stop lying to yourself.

Do you love, feed, clothe, and keep your child safe? Yes. Do you take them places to engage their minds, and give them life experiences? I'm sure you do. But you also will (at some point) hate every teacher that your child has. I don't care if it is pre-school or your child's infant room teacher.

You may be thinking, "No, I love everyone that is with my child. If I didn't, I wouldn't stay." Easier said than done. When you are locked into a district, switching teachers doesn't happen unless some act of God occurs.

I'll tell you why you hate them too. Because they aren't doing it the way that you would. The teacher you have entrusted your child to learn from is not you, and aren't teaching your children "your way". And no matter who you are, that doesn't sit easy with you. You don't know what is going on all day long, what standards/milestones/IEP goals they are working on at each second of the day.

I speak completely from first hand experience. I'm sure Dayton's teacher from last year is reading this right now and nodding her head the whole time. I will admit, I'm a terror of a parent for a teacher to deal with. I will e-mail, and call, and complain and tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and why it is wrong. And I don't care how that makes you (the teacher) feel. I'm the expert on my child, not you. And I hated parents like me when I had to deal with them, but now, I totally get it.

Education is a double-edged sword when it comes to raising children. On one side I know how to help my child develop into a functioning young member of society. But on the other side, I know too much (and let's be honest, usually more) than the teacher I am enlisting to care for my child. I think this is intensified when you have a child with special needs. I have done SO much research, know IEPs inside and out, therapy goals, etc.............please teacher, don't act like you know more about my child and how to help them than I do.

Now that I stay at home with the kiddos and don't have students of my own, everyone also thinks that I have this burning desire to be all "educational" with my own children at home. Because obviously teachers want to constantly teach, right?! Bitch please! I'm happy that Kayden can say "1, 2, 3" and I'm pretty sure he only knows that because I don't count to 10 for him to go to time-out. We are lucky to get one art project done every couple weeks. I mean we read, and sing songs, but it is usually something we have read/sang so many times I don't even have to pay attention while doing so, and can cook dinner at the same time.

So to all the wonderful teachers out there, rest assured that you are/will be terrible parents, and that's okay! It is all out of place of deep caring for your kids and lack of patience for adults!

Kayden's "art project" from today. Thank you $1 aisle at Target!

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