Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dinner......It's What's For Dinner

Feeding children is on the list of things I love right up there with cleaning toilets. It's necessary but equally annoying and always messy!

When Dayton came to us at 3 1/2 years old, he literally only ate chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. No fruits. No vegetables. Well this mama isn't a short order cook, nor do I have any desire to be one. After speaking with our wonderful pediatrician I adopted the, "This is what we are having or you are going to be hungry," style of parenting and haven't looked back.

Today for example, Dayton only wanted the charms out of his Lucky Charms. Refused his milk. Refused his banana. Ehhhh that's ok, milk is expensive, so if I can save it for the next meal, heck why not!

Lunch was left over chili. He hates chili. But everyone else was having it, so he was going to have it to. He picked out the crackers that weren't completely covered in chili and ate those, but that was all. Also, he wouldn't drink his water. Man, a rough day for him!

Needless to say, he was happy that snack was a granola bar and water. Both were gone in 2 seconds flat. But dinner was chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes and a clementine. He sucked every last drop of juice from the clementine and drank his water, but that was all. Some days it sucks to suck, but I don't care if his tummy is growling when he goes to bed. He was offered meals, he just didn't "like" what it was. Not sure why he didn't like it considering it never went near his mouth.

If I was a betting person, I would say that tomorrow morning I could serve him almost anything and he will gobble it down.

Unless a child has an actual eating disorder, they aren't going to starve themselves. They WILL eventually eat what you are offering. I was told many times, as long as he gets one good meal every 3 days or so, he'll be fine. When it comes to power of wills, I will always win. Call it the competitive side of me.

So moms out there, stop catering to your children. The world isn't going to cater to them, so don't give them that false hope. I refuse to be the mom at the big family dinner with the kid that says, "I don't eat this," to my family that has worked for hours to prepare a meal. You will eat or you will sit there with your mouth shut and be hungry. You will not get a different meal. I will not stop and get you something else. And when we get home, you will go to bed with your stomach growling.

And I've heard so many times, "If I don't make them something else, they will be hungry." Good. Let them be hungry. Let them know that you aren't their servant and I'm sure they will find something on their plate they will eat.

Now do the kids ALWAYS eat what we eat. No, let's be real. When Jason and I are eating steaks that are too "fancy" (aka expensive) for them to waste, they get PB&Js, but except for those rare occasions, they get what we are having.

To all the mom's that are currently short order cooks, throw your Waffle House uniform away, and toughen up your babies! They can eat that meals they "want" when they are old enough to buy the groceries, cook it and clean it up, until then, you are the head chef and they will eat what's served!

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