Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wife of a Hard Workin' Man

My husband is hands down the hardest working man I know. He puts in more hours in a week than most people put in in 2 weeks! I know he does all of this because he's a provider and wants us to still be able to live comfortably while I stay at home with the boys.

That being said, I am the full-time "single" parent 90% of the time. Meals, baths, discipline, errands, cleaning, etc., all fall on my shoulders when he is working. Now I could get all sappy and say that I wish he was around more for the little moments with the kids and myself, but nobody has time for that. I can't get upset when I know that he does what he does for us. He doesn't want to be gone constantly; out of town for a week, work at his business on Saturday, home MAYBE on Sunday and then back out of town on Monday. Therefore I've found the silver lining in being the wife of a man who works so hard.

1. TV at my disposal
I don't have to share shit. I can watch as much reality t.v. bullshit that I want without hearing anyone complain about how stupid it is!

2. Early bed time
Normally I try to stay up till 10pm or 10:30pm, because that's when he goes to bed. If he isn't around, I can go to bed with the kids with zero regret!

3. The whole fucking bed to myself
I get the joy of sleeping sideways, diagonal or completely spread out on the bed! It can be quite amazing!

4. Dinner is optional
When he's in town, I make a full-blown dinner every night. When he's gone, the kids don't care what I make. They love PB & Js and applesauce and I love cereal!

5. Daily cleaning is also optional
I feel that it is necessary that the house be somewhat put together when he gets home from work every night. Sooooo when he is gone, fuck it! Needless to say the morning of the day he is set to come home, it's like a cleaning whirlwind!

6. Chopped live when he gets home
The moment he walks through the door, no child wants to see me, talk to me, or touch me. I LOVE IT! I use the bathroom by myself and fold laundry without helpers......or say I'm going to fold laundry and really just lay on the bed in the quiet.

7. Distance makes the heart grow fonder
If we've been on "hiatus" for 6 days........you make good use of that 1 day together! Needless to say, Elmo is on constant replay!

I know men that are willing to do what he does are far and few, and I cherish and appreciate him so much! I'm glad that I'm choosing to not be the crazy, "but why can't you just be home" wife and instead love the time we are together!

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