Monday, October 6, 2014

Loving A Bearded Man

Facial hair is something that I think all women should love or at least learn to love. It's masculine. It gives character. Hey, it tickles when he kisses you too!

My man has had facial hair since the first time that I met him. It started out as a goatee that I loved. Eventually it started to evolve to a full-blown beard for hunting season, that would soon be shaved off at the conclusion of the season. Then he would go through a few random growing stages before getting irritated with it and going back to the goatee.

Then in May he decided he would grow it out. I was not a fan of this, because I know I would miss the feeling of rubbing my face against his smooth face right after he shaved. But it grew, and grew and grew! We went out of town over the summer and he broke out his beard shirts that say, "Bearded for her pleasure!" and "Chubby, Tattooed, Bearded and Awesome!" Needless to say, the attention he received from EVERYONE helped encourage the beard even more! I on the other hand turned red every time someone would read his shirt, look at me, smile, then high five him....... For someone that doesn't easily get embarrassed, others discussing my pleasure did the trick!

Loving a man with a beard requires a sense of humor though! If there is ever a show about beards on Netflix or the Discovery Channel, the world stands still until it is seen. And I have to sit through them according to him so that I can "learn the lingo."  Then after he sees that show, he will learn some new grooming techniques. The internet is a bearded man's best friend and the things he can find are amazing! I on the other hand, could go without the endless phone calls of him wondering if his package came in the mail yet!

Showering is not a quick process anymore either. I've learned to give him about an additional 10 minutes, because of everything the beard requires. There is the "Beard Wash" and the "Pine Tar Soap" that gets thoroughly rubbed in while in the shower.

Then shit gets crazy after that. He has to put oil in it, and brush it out with his special boar hair brush! And no, I can't make this shit up. The oil he got is from a company called, Grave Before Shave. I think he bought it based entirely on the name of the company. It comes in scents called; Pine, Viking, OG, Hay RU............ Why doesn't Ralph Lauren make a beard oil?! I think I would prefer that scent more. Honestly, it's an entire production.

The production is worth it though, it turns the wiry hair into smooth and soft face fur. Reminder though ladies, if your man uses beard oil, no kisses or touching it for at least 10 minutes after he applies it. That shit has to "soak in" and if it hasn't, you smell like Pine also and it doesn't wash off easily!

Whenever we see other men with beards, there usually is a head nod of acknowledgement from both parties. It is like a silent, "Yeah buddy!" On occasion, there will be a high five exchanged. I always think they should go up to each other and rub beards, but I've been told that men don't do that as much as I think they should.

I never understood why the older men get the more they love facial hair. In recent years I've realized why. If they can't grow it on their head, might as well grow it on their face! So ladies, if your man has some scruff or even a full-blown face animal, embrace it and love it! He's trying to hold onto any hair he can!


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