Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few of My "Favorite" Things

Since I'm not Oprah rich, this isn't a favorite things giveaway. Instead this post is inspired by approximately the last 48 hours.

I love that every load of laundry has a lone sock.

I love even more that I have a bin of lone socks that never find their fucking match, but I hold onto them JUST in case.

I love that once I think I have every stitch of laundry done, I find one damn shirt that some child shoved into the couch.

I love that in case of an emergency, my dad ranks the insurance agent a higher priority on the call list than me.

I love that my husband being home during nap time apparently translates to him getting lucky.....instead of me napping.

I love that when I ask my 2 year old to come here to blow his nose, he goes and blows it into his baby brother's hair.

I love that taking the youngest 2 out to lunch with friends results in a change of clothes for myself and not having a clue what we talked about.

I love that a kid thinks that saying "uh-oh" or "sorry, mama" makes it ok that he just threw his milk across the room on purpose.

I love that changing a blow-out automatically means that my son is going to grab his manhood as soon as the diaper is removed and rub the wall all in one swift motion.

I love that my mom buys clothes for the boys by the truck load, but never thinks to send hangers as well.

I love that a child can be exhausted and rubbing their eyes and the moment you lay them down for nap, they are fucking wide awake.

I love that in the dead silence of the night I can wake up to hear the bathtub go "drip....drip.....drip" and then find it impossible to not be annoyed by it and contemplate duct taping it.

I love that my 2 year old insists on sleeping with a shirt out of the dirty hamper and a hanger.

I love that this same 2 year old found a mystery piece of chalk and colored his hair white along with his pants, a box, and the start of his baby brother.

I love that I call people in the middle of the day expecting them to have actual conversations with me, but forgetting that other people work.

I love that awkward moment where someone asks me in person if I love or hate being a stay at home mom after reading my blog, and I can't help but laugh hysterically. I love it and equally hate it all at the same time, but wouldn't trade it for anything.

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