Monday, September 22, 2014

Testosterone vs. Estrogen

This isn't the first time I've realized that boys are COMPLETELY different than girls, but this weekend I became more aware of it. Here are some real world boy vs. girl situations that I'm sure many of you can relate to.

1. Baby Gates
  • Girl- Leaves gate alone and just accepts that she can't go to the forbidden area.
  • Boy- Karate kick it until it caves in and then scale over it as fast as possible before mom catches him.
2. Potty Training
  • Girl- Hates being wet, potty trained no later than 2 1/2 years old.
  • Boy- Pees in his big boy underwear 5 times in an hour because he thinks it is funny. Will be in diapers till he is in high school I'm sure! FML!
3. Coloring
  • Girl- Draws pretty pictures, keeps the coloring to the paper or given materials
  • Boy- Fuck the papers, let's color on anything possible; wall, table, my brother, myself, the high chair. 
4. Time-Outs
  • Girl- Understands why she is in time-out and doesn't repeat her naughty actions
  • Boy- Time-outs mean nothing, except the fact that it is delaying the time until the next stupid-ass stunt is pulled. 
5. Clothing
  • Girl- Wears a cute little dress with an adorable matching headband and some great shoes!
  • Boy- Clothes? Only if someone is coming over to the house or we have to go somewhere will clothes be put on, and then it will be a rare occasion if there isn't a stain, food or snot on it somewhere. 
6. Toys
  • Girl- Toys are usually in a neat area and everything has its place.
  • Boy- Looks like a tornado has ran through the house since the moment they woke up.
7. Meal Times
  • Girl- Eats her food at a relatively slow place, taking time to chat as she does it.
  • Boy- Complete silence as he shoves as much as possible into his mouth at once. He'll probably gag himself, but once it clears, the shoving continues.
8. Sibling Fighting
  • Girl- Yelling and screaming at each other, playing the "she touched me game," and it could last for hours.
  • Boy- No talking, lay on the other one until either they stop breathing or the screaming catches mom's attention, done in 3 minutes.
9. Babies
  • Girl- Thinks the baby, even if it isn't their relation, is their's and they will be all sweet and cute to it.
  • Boy- Sometimes sweet to the baby, and if they aren't ignoring it all together, they usually see it as an opportunity to wrestle with someone they might win over

Why do I prefer boys over girls then?! After reading this I would definitely say girls are easier, but after our one set of foster girls, nah leave me with the boys! I think it's the attitude that girls develop, granted boys get it too, but it is totally different! 

To those of you with little girls, the only way that I can assume you survive the "end of the world" melt down has to be a lot of wine! You might want to stock up for when they are in high school!

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