Monday, September 22, 2014

Shit Happens.....Literally

What goes in must come out, right? Well I feel like my house has taken that to an extreme case in the last couple weeks. Here are a couple recent shit-tastic stories. Again, if we don't laugh, we might cry!

My mother knows that I like to have my kids eat a healthy diet, which includes vegetables that aren't fried. So when she had them the other weekend, my 2 year old ate an entire bag of carrots at dinner. THE ENTIRE BAG! The next afternoon we were at lunch for my sister's birthday when Jason informs me that our 2 year old needs changed, and of course he can't do it because the restaurant doesn't have a changing area in the men's room. Ok, fine, I'll do it. I pull him out of his high chair (now picture this), I watch shit spray out the back of his pants (no seriously, like a freaking hose was attached), onto my pants, onto the floor, and down the highchair. He literally was covered from mid-back to his shoes. At this point I didn't know where to go, the bathroom, the car,the car wash, or just sit right there and cry. I opted for the back of my mom's truck. On our quick walk there, our little guy is FREAKING OUT, flaring his legs and I'm sure flinging shit into people's food as we passed by. I changed his butt and his clothes while Jason mopped up the restaurant with their cloth napkins. I never asked what he ended up doing with those....

Yesterday was a day of shit also. The boys had our 2 sitters in the afternoon for a couple hours. As we are on our way back I get a text that informed me that our oldest had done some "artwork" during nap. We will call it "Window Sill Painting" and "My Face and Body is My Canvas." Needless to say, we took the long way home to ensure it was cleaned up before our return. 

.........30 minutes after the sitters left.............

"Mama, YUCKY!"--- 2 year old handing my a piece of his big brother's shit that his brother so lovingly pulled out for him....fml

I long for the days when my kids no longer shit their pants and are completely potty trained. Until then, I'll continue to look the crazy lady that is buying diapers in size 4, 5 and 6!

***Feel free to comment any of your wonderful shit-tastic stories below, I love knowing I'm not the only crazy woman out there!***

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