Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kids are No. 2

Our crew spent the weekend at the grandparents' house, and it was AMAZING.......for us! As much as I love spending time with my kids, I love time with my husband more. I'm a firm believer that kids should be the second priority in a marriage, and your spouse should be number one.

I'm a product of divorced parents. I think that is why I have such strong viewpoints on what helps and harms a marriage. We've only been married 4 years, but shoot that's longer then some people can make it. My parents loved and adored my sisters and I, but we were their world. I don't remember them ever going out without one of us along side.

I think that parents that solely focus on their children forget about the person that they created those children with. Kids are going to grow up and leave home, then you are going to look at the other warm body in bed and say, "Who the hell are you?" THAT is the cause of a so life mid-life crisis....in my opinion.

To the people with children, or ones that plan on having some at some point in their life, take some advice:

- Get a sitter.
- Go out on a date 1, 2, or dare I say, 3 times a month (and taking the baby with you does not count.)
 - Pop Elmo in the DVD player for the kids and hide in the pantry for some mid-day sex. (Did she just say sex?!) Sex, let's be honest, is the cornerstone of a marriage, so don't be stingy! Unless you just had a baby, get your groove on AT LEAST three times a week. And if your significant other  is using the excuse of, "I have a headache," "I'm tired," or "I'm not in the mood," you need to do something to "help" the headache, wake them up or assist in the mood change. After all, women are more like stove then a microwave, they take a bit of time to heat up before they get to temperature. And men, well, that usually doesn't take much coaxing.
- Tell your spouse every day that you love them and you are attracted to them, followed by a hug and kiss. It's the "normal" things that seem to go by the wayside so often, but mean the most.

Marriage and children are amazing gifts in life. People rarely ignore their children on a daily basis, why ignore your marriage? Remember, the person that you created those little monsters with will also be the person that you can complain to when those little monsters grow up and don't call you as often as you would like.

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