Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Embracing the Mess

As a mom who is home all day with my kids I feel like I should have a cleaner than clean home, there should be a regular bathroom cleaning schedule, and there should never be laundry in the laundry basket.......... Well that just doesn't happen, and recently I heard a perspective on this that I really enjoy.


Ok, this doesn't mean that you live in a pig sty and you never clean or do anything like that. I would personally have an anxiety attack if I tried that. Instead love the Legos all over the place, the puzzles that kids never seem to put away, the fact that your living room looks like they took a piece of clothing off with every step.  Don't stress about it, because a time will come when that mess isn't there, because they've grown up and left home and you might miss the smelly socks.

I already get all emotional like, because I can tell our 2 year old to pick his toys up and HE DOES! Our kids grow up before our eyes and it seems like it happens overnight. I understand that I still just have little ones, but even when the kids are away for the weekend with grandma and the house stays clean....I miss the mess.

There are so many people that wish they had that mess, but don't for whatever reason. The time when our kids actually want to be with is limited, and I'm going to soak up as much of them as I can. I'm sure that my "cool" card is closer to being revoked than I would like.

At times I think moms get too caught up in trying to be the perfect wife and mother, and granted I am guilty of this, but I think everyone needs to step back and relax. So here is to letting the clean laundry wait till kids are in bed to be folded, more chases around the house for no reason and reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" for the millionth time in a row!

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