Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creative Ways to Measure Post-Baby Body

Layne just turned 10 months old, so at this point I'm obviously a back to my pre-baby weight......or not! I've been working at getting back to it and I've realized there are a few different ways to measure how close I am to it without actually getting on a scale.
  1. "Hey babe, I think I've lost some weight. I can see more of my c-section scar!"
  2. "Boom, no back fat hangover with a bra on!"
  3. "Hey Layne let's take a selfie, I don't seem to have a double chin today!"
  4. "Wedding ring fits!" .....unfortunately this still hasn't happened, I've come to the conclusion my knuckle widened when my hips did!
  5. "I've been maternity clothes sober for 6 months!"
  6. "When I lay on my back I have a flat stomach..... I just won't roll to my side yet!"
  7. "What the what! No Spanx on AND my pants zipped!"
  8. "My mom jeans look a little less mom like because my stomach doesn't look like a piece of dough with a waistband pinching it off." ......only people that have had babies can understand this realization. 
  9. "Sure I'll swing next to you, my ass now fits on it now!"
  10. "Sex with the lights on please!"
But because I'm psycho about control and keeping myself accountable, I do still weigh myself every morning whether I like the number or not!

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