Thursday, September 18, 2014

Autism Realities

As I sit here and write this, I have this endless calendar of events going off in my head, none of which are for me. All these dates are for our 4 almost 5 year old who has Autism. He is on the lower functioning side of the spectrum, which causes our life to be constantly busy. We love him and have for the last year and a half, but boy it's been tough. I've compiled a list of our realities. If we don't laugh about these things, we would go crazy!

  • Diapers, and lots of them! Shit in a 4 year old's diaper is COMPLETELY different then in a baby or toddler. Can't even explain it.
  • Finger painting usually includes poop as the medium and windows/walls/books/sheets as the canvas. Disgusting, yes!
  • Having conversations with a child who, as of right now, doesn't talk back. Sometimes I like to have fun with it. 
    • Me- "Do you think mommy should go shopping today?"
    • Him- "Hmmm hmmm nom hmmm (typical vocalization)"
    • Me- "You are right, I do need some new clothes!
  • I know more occupational and speech therapy terms then someone who isn't in the medical field should know, as well as all the abbreviations and what they mean. 
  • Our life revolves around schedules and routines, it's a pain at times, but convenient when we want to get out of something. "Nope, can't make it, bedtime is 7:10pm, can't be late!"
  • Feeding him sucks. Picky is an understatement, but in this house you eat what we have or you are going to be hungry till the next meal.
  • Appointments are terrible. We have therapy every week, and thanks to a sweet organization that referred me, they come to our house for it! But doctor appointments or evaluation appointments I think we both need to be given a Xanax for. The screaming, crying and throwing himself on the floor, yep those are nights I break out a bottle of wine!
  • He wears a leash when out in public. You can judge me all day long, but he wouldn't think twice about running out into the middle of the interstate or scaling the cookie shelves at the store. So yep, I'm that mom that use to look at other moms that had kids on a leash and think, "Oh my goodness, just parent your child. They shouldn't be treated like a dog." Now we don't leave home without it! 
These are just a few highlights of our life. I think I will write again sometime, "Things He Licks." That's a whole post in its own!

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