Saturday, September 27, 2014

Adoption Approaching

We have had our 2 older boys about a year and a half, and getting to adoption has been the most frustrating part of this entire experience. Parental rights have been terminated for what seems like forever. Nobody, except us, seems to be in that much of a hurry!

BUT yesterday we FINALLY got to go meet with our attorney to sign the petition! It was such a surreal experience seeing their new full names written out. Their name that had our last name on it. I mean we've always considered them "ours," but to see it written on official documents is like a butterflies in your stomach type of moment.

Our attorney said something to me that I never really thought of. He said, "It makes me happy to do adoptions, because it is hope for our future." Now I don't have the stats right off hand, but I do know that kids that are never are given a stable home environment (biological, foster or adoptive), are more likely to commit criminal acts. Looking at our little boys, this isn't something I ever considered. I then thought about if the cards hadn't fallen just the way they did, and they were still in their unstable home, they would be growing up knowing terrible things kids should never know about. And, as sad as it is, probably would be involved in things down the road that could get them in a lot of trouble. I'm thankful every day that they were placed with us, and given a chance at a better life!

Now to be completely honest, I know our 2 year old will most likely give us some headaches as a teenager. I already have visions of a father knocking at our door looking for our son and his daughter, and the thought makes me cringe. But then again, if that's all that we will have to worry about, I'd say we are pretty lucky!

In no more than 30 days, BUT possibly less than 20, we will officially have our 2 boys forever! The anticipation is killing me!

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